Monday, December 17, 2012

Idiot-proof gift tags

I can’t believe I’m finally getting to this post about a week later.

Here are some more gift tag ideas.  These are all fairly easy; almost as easy as scribbling the name onto the package with a Sharpie.  Don't worry, we're not leaving your Sharpie behind completely... we're just upgrading him a little.

This is probably my favorite one, but it requires neat handwriting- a trait I never fully developed. 

You can find these small ornaments relatively cheap, especially right now.  I think I got these red ones at Walmart.  I used a gold Sharpie paint pen, scribbled the name of the recipient as neatly as possible, and then threaded it onto my ribbon, or jute.

This clothespin one is really fun if you’re going for an understated rustic style.  You could also take it in another direction and make a cute reindeer! 

Here’s a new take on the standard, classic gift tag.  You could dress it up a little bit by layering another sheet of cardstock onto the red, or keep it simple.

Happy gift wrapping!

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