Sunday, March 24, 2013

Seven bizarre things about my life right now.

I stopped to think about it this morning, and I realized I’m sort of at a weird place in my life right now.  Here are seven bizarre things going on with me:

               1. I’ve had terrible writer’s block since the end of December.

                          2. My dog is balding at a ridiculous rate.  He’s always struggled with allergies and itching, but   the last two years have brought patchy hair-loss with them.  The poor guy is miserable.  He should only be about 21 in dog years (at the top of his game!), but I think maybe he’s aging at an accelerated rate.  He might actually be in his late forties; he’s also started gaining weight.  I feel a mid-life crisis coming on, but I’m not sure what that looks like for a dog.  Is he going to start hitting on younger bitches (boom—dog pun!)?  Trying to run with the young pups?  Staying out late and howling at the moon (the dog puns just keep coming!)?

              3. My son has started to expand his vocabulary, but “no” is still the clearest (and usually, most emphatic) word he says.  As a result, it has nearly disappeared completely from my vocabulary, because by the time he goes to bed, I feel like if I hear it one more time (even if it’s out of my own mouth), I will lose it.

                       4. O also has become obsessed with watching basketball on tv.  I don’t know how this happened; it’s not like he put together a bracket or has any money on these games (that we know of), but every time he walks past the tv, he demands that we turn on “ball.”
                       5.I eat healthier when I eat out for lunch rather than going home.  Does this ever happen to you?  I’m not kidding; one day last week, I came home and ate a plain tortilla, steamed stir-fry veggies, a spoon-full of peanut butter, a couple of saltine crackers, a bite of cold barbequed beef, and another plain tortilla.

                   6. I’m jealous of every bride-to-be who gets to use Pinterest to plan her wedding (seriously, why couldn’t it have come along 5 years ago?)
                    7. I bought Justin Timberlake’s new cd.  If you told this to the 21-year-old me (or hell, even the 24-year-old me), she would’ve laughed in your face.  The 13-year-old me, however, is grinning in her braces and giving me a nerdy two thumbs up as she tapes up her N*Sync posters to her ugly green bedroom walls.

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