Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Crazy night in the Hurricane home

It’s only Wednesday and it’s been a rough week already.  Like, a bottle of wine for supper and a Jack on the rocks for dessert rough.  It’s nights like these that I’m grateful for the low-key life parenthood has bestowed upon us; O goes to bed and Tots watches some tv show while I lose myself in a world of Pinterest and décor blogs.  For an hour or so I can leave my worries and stresses behind and let my mind wander wherever it wants to.

Five years ago, a night like this would’ve looked totally different.  21-year-old Jessie would’ve come home, called Tots, and told him to meet her at the bar ‘cause she’s drinking her supper tonight.  Today’s Jessie is old enough (dare I say, mature enough?) to know that tomorrow won’t be pretty if she doesn’t at least eat something with her booze-dinner.  In fact, I’m wise enough to know that if I have more than five drinks, I might not even see tomorrow-- at least not until well after early afternoon.

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