Monday, August 5, 2013


Is it August already? I find myself saying that every month. When I set my resolutions back in January, I didn't think 2013 would fly by this fast.

This month, I'm working on my hydration. This is one area of my heath that I seriously suck at. There are some days when I drink nothing at all besides my one cup of coffee or tea in the morning. I joke with Tots that I'm like a camel. I could spend one day drinking water and that's all I would need for the whole week. I just don't get thirsty, and I really don't like to drink while I eat. Unfortunately, this lifestyle has lead to a few cases of dehydration (to the point of vomiting and fever), not to mention severe hangovers back before going to bed by 10 was more enticing than having a few beers.

If you haven't noticed, rule number one about healthy living is to drink TONS of water. In fact, I think I read about it more and more. The basic rule of thumb is 8 cups a day, but now more health professionals are saying that it actually varies depending on your body weight and activity level. There are plenty of calculators out there to figure out what your ideal water intake should be, but they're all a little different. tells me I should be drinking around 93 ounces of water each day, but tells me I need roughly 72 ounces. Yikes. Both of those are well above the 64 ounces I struggle to drink anyway!

If you want to know what you should be drinking, you can google "hydration calculator" or "how much water should I be drinking" and come up with a number of sources.

For the purposes of this month, and in the interest of setting attainable goals, the magic number for me will be 64 ounces. It may not be "enough," but it's a lot better than the 12 ounces I get each day from my coffee.

Do you struggle to drink enough water each day?

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